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Progress made on my fractal program: part one (more fractals!)

I wanted to make two blog posts, one dedicated to some of the new built in fractals I added into my fractal program, and one for the more exciting, ambitious features.

I've added tooltips to all the fractals so you can see the formulas and how to use them.

As far as I know there are no "official" names for these fractals so I've named them after their behavior or the equations constructing them.

Spun Mandelbrot: n = (n - 1) ^ 2 + c; n += n / |n| * v;

Spun Julia:

Peacock fractal: n = v ^ (n-1) + c;

Peacock Julia set:

Cosine fractal: n = cos(n-1) + c;

Cosine Julia:

Reciprocal Mandelbrot: n = (n-1)^-2 + c;

Reciprocal Julia set (at a point where the above diverges)

"Super Mandelbrot": n = (n-1)^v+c, where v is a complex number. This is a multivalued function so I am computing it as if the "argument" of a complex number is Atan2(imaginary, real).

Super Julia set:


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