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Randomly Generating Terrain: Improvements

Over the past day I made some improvements to my randomly generating terrain tool:

New features include:

Added Height: raises the entirety of the fractal, good for raising elevation

Fit Existing Terrain: Generated fractals that match the terrain around the area you clicked on before applying

Edge Fade: Alpha blends the edges of the square (good for creating large fractalized areas without seams!

Keep Edges: samples the edges around the brush to match the terrain there before generating the fractal (aiding in seamless terrain generation)

Randomize Seed Each Click: every time you paint, the seed is randomized and fractal regenerated.

This is much more usable as a tool now.

Here's a nice "before and after" picture:

I also decided to try it after updating the resolution of my terrains, and it looks fantastic:

Click if you want to see it high res:

While I'm showing off pretty things, here's the water shader I wrote today:

Some more shots, after baking lightmaps and tweaking the scene a bit more:

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