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Water Shaders created to help people on the Unity discord

I've spent a lot of time on the Unity help discord, assisting people, to keep my skills up and learn new things. One person wanted help with a water shader for use in VR Chat to use on characters; they had a vertex fragment shader with refraction and a non-working rim light. I was able to fix the rim light, improve the visuals by adding normals scrolling in multiple directions layered onto each other, and make the shader tri-planar to remove the seams. The whole thing took just a couple of hours (making it tri-planar took the longest, I had to create a new tangent space system since using the existing one created seams due to using existing UVs). This is what we ended up with:

Someone else wanted a simple scrolling waves shadergraph toon shader with sea foam on the top. I was able to throw this together real quickly, in around half an hour or so:

For both of these I went into the DMs of the person who wanted the shader and walked them through so that they properly understood how they worked. They both appreciated the learning experience!

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