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GLSL Graphics Program

So this is the first program on my resume, a GLSL graphics program, build entirely in C++. I did this over the course of a term; everything in this program is built from the ground up with the GLSL and GLM libraries, using no tutorials (except for one I used for the bitmap loading, which I had to actually correct because the original causes a memory leak. I also modified it to support chroma keying). It has the ability to load OBJ files, and the four shaders I'm showing off here include a toon shader (which uses a geometry shader to render the lines), an iridescence shader, an atmosphere shader, and an "advanced shader" which supports a texture, a normal map, a specular map, and a transparency map. All of these support multiple lights (except for the atmosphere shader which isn't lit). I got the textures from

Here's a link to the git repository:

Make sure to checkout the branch "cg2_final" if you want the final project.

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