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My modeling experience

Now I know I rely on programmer art a lot on this blog. The reason for this is, I haven't had a version of Maya on my home computer for years because I couldn't afford to buy it, and I no longer have access to my college to use the student edition. But the truth is, there were actually a couple of years where I thought I was going to become a modeler, and I made it through a bunch of classes all the way into the highest level modeling class there was until I decided, while I was pretty good at modeling, I was better at programming, and I enjoyed it more. So that's when I changed gears back to programming.

Now, while it would take a little while to adjust to new versions of Maya (they move stuff around a lot in new versions) it was only a few years ago I was doing advanced modeling, hard surface modeling, character modeling, and modeling to smooth, and I think I spent so much time doing it that I would still be pretty good at it if I got back into it. I wouldn't want to do it as a job, but if a programming job required a little bit of modeling I definitely wouldn't be against it.

I'm just going to dump a gallery of my work into the rest of this post.

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