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Finally showing off my Unity game prototype

I put off adding this to my blog because I didn't want to risk having my idea stolen, but at this point getting a job or internship is more important, and there's no way I can finish this game by myself.

The game is called Ball with Hands. I made it over the course of 2 terms (so, 6 months); it's not really finished (there's no real ending) but almost everyone who has playtested it said they absolutely loved it. It's a 2D physics based platformer where you play as a ball with two smaller balls for hands which are controlled with the thumbsticks. I did everything in the game, from the (very limited) modeling, to the sound design (which I admit isn't the best because I didn't quite know how to do it), and programming the entire game, including the custom shaders, and loading/saving game progress. I don't want to release the full game of what I have so far in case I someday get the resources to finish it, but here's a video:

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